landscape art

"Sailing Past Arch Rock"

Landscape Art
36" x 60" Acrylic on canvas              Sold

What a gorgeous place!

And what an inspiration for an artist to paint!

M y husband and I took a boat trip to visit this magnificent gem of landscape off the coast of Oxnard in Southern California. It's almost an island paradise! It's called Anacapa Island and it's part of the Channel Islands. This particular rock is named "Arch Rock" for obvious reasons. It was an adventure making our way towards the island as wind whipped up the salt spray that danced in the air over the blue Pacific Ocean.

Thy way is in the sea, and thy path in the great waters, and thy footsteps are not known. Ps 77:19


  Painting Tip

Try not to divide any element in your artwork in half. This especially includes the temperature of the painting.

What I mean is - it shouldn't be half warm and half cool. Warm colors are like fire - red, orange, yellow and brown. Cool colors are like water and grass - blue and green.

If your painting is mostly warm, add a little cool for contrast. If it's mostly cool, add a little warm to spice it up.


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            Sonnet by Michelangelo

Well nigh the voyage now is overpast
  And my frail bark through trouble seas and rude
Draws near that common haven where at last
  Of every action, be it evil or good
Must due account be rendered. Well I know
  How then will then appear that favored art.
Sole Idol long and Monarch of my heart,
  For all is vain that man desires below.

And now remorseful thoughts the past unbraid,
  And fear of twofold death my soul alarms,
That which must come, and that beyond the grave.
  Picture and sculpture lose their feeble charms
And to that Love Divine I turn for aid,
  Who from the cross extends his arms to save.

  (Translated by Wordsworth)


Bitter Winds

 Oh, Lord, the bitter winds are blowing
  of sorrow, grief and pain.
Sweet peace comes to me just knowing
  You're near in sunlight and in rain!
Though the journey may be dreary
  with darkness along my way,
Joy will come to the weary in the morning
  When night turns to day!

Through the night I see one shining light . . .
  The bright morning star.
He comforts me with faith's true sight.
  I see my heavenly home from afar!

In that land that's fairer far than day
  I'll see my Savior's face!
All that causes pain will pass away,
  In the morning through His grace!

And in that land of light so glorious,
  I'll see Christ used bitter winds
to make me victorious!

 The bitter winds that blew God used
  to let me see
That all my griefs together
  drew me closer to Thee!
Bitter winds drew me closer to Thee

Blow, bitter winds blow
  on this small boat of mine.
Through Christ I'll reach the heavenly shore
  by His grace divine!


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