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Sedona Glory

"Sedona Glory"

3 feet x 5 feet acrylic on canvas              Sold


For thy mercy is great above the heavens: and thy truth reaches to the clouds. Ps 108:4

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The Promise of The Father 

Parched earth thirsts for water,
   Deep cracks appear in the land!
Hopeless ground all barren within,
   Where is the promise of future for you?

Hearts despondent, all alone . . .
   Longing for what,
They do not know.

But in the desert a sound!
   Drops fall to the earth with a splash!
Rain caresses thirsty ground,
   And settles in the ravines.

Look! A stream of water is emerging
   Becoming a Life-giving river!
The promise of the Father!

So let it flow over all the land,
   until the earth is covered with
The glory of the Lord,
   As the waters cover the sea!

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