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Descent of New Jerusalem 

Descent of New Jerusalem 

A  nd I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. Rev. 21:2


Future Scene

As I look into the future in my mind's eye,
   I see Christ will be there for He can't lie.
He said, "I'll leave you never.
   nor forsake you ever."
Yes, He leads me to that land of light so fair --
   It's waiting just a little way over there!

At the end of life's day,
   when my earthly burdens down I lay,
I'll feel His dear hand holding mine,
  and in a voice so kind
He'll greet me in a little while.
   Just over the final ridge of the last mile.

It's a land that's lovelier far than day.
   It's just a little way,
To that bright land over there --
  to my homeland so fair.
All tears will be washed away
   in the land of endless day.



A Pilgrim's Song

When I consider the works of Thy hands,
   and look above at all the starry bands,
My heart and soul rise up to sing
   glory to You, my King!
Immortal, invisible, all-knowing,
   I thrill with wonder at the joy of walking
with You each day and hour.
   And feeling your Holy Spirit's wondrous power.

Oh Lord, help me never to lose my love for you,
   But to ever look to Jesus until this life is through.
And then in distant worlds to sing
   This glad refrain . . .
Jesus walked with me through all my joys and pain,
   and brought me safely home
to live with Him forever,
   For He has promised that He will leave me never! 


Surpassing Love

Oh, Holy Lamb, with Your own blood
   You paid the price for all my sins!
What wondrous love is this I see,
   That You would stoop to die for me!

What? Raise me up above the mud
   to walk on streets of gold one day?
Who else would dream of such a thing?
   Who else could full salvation bring?

Yes, more wonderful than all to me,
   Are You -- beloved Bridegroom,
Face to face
   I soon shall see!

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