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Desert Acrylic Paintings

Imperial 2

Imperial Desert Path

Heaven's Harvest

L  ife-giving water sinks into sun-baked earth,
   Softens thick crust and behold . . . new birth!
A tender sprout pushes through softened sod,
   reaching up with leaves unfurled
at the command of God.
   This seed of His Word has mysterious power.
It makes tomb-bound souls rise with the fragrance
   of the sweetest flower.

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Mind Set

Things may look bleak,
   But they are not what they seem.
Listen to God speak,
   Don't focus on this passing dream.

Fix your eyes on what's above,
   Not on things of the earth.
Rest in God's unending love.
   Enjoy the peace of new birth.

Thou wilt keephim in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Isa 26:3

When Cares Attack

When cares attack like mad pit bulls,
   They bite and seek to get a hold
of mind and body -- every thought!

Then Christ have mercy on Your
   child whom with Your own blood
You have bought.
   Help me rise above
the maddening maze
   of anxious wonderings
and on You direct my gaze.

Landscape ArtNot only is there an awesome future promised to those who are in Christ, but right now we can experience God's rest in our souls.

This means to me that we turn away from worry and cast our cares on Him. What good will worry and anxieties do? Can it help in any way? No, of course not, it only causes physical and spiritual damage to those who partake of this poison.

In Psalm 95:11 the Lord states "So, I declared on oath in my anger, "they shall never enter my rest." The Israelites had been doubting, worrying, being anxious, and complaining. As a result, that generation was not allowed to enter the promised land.

Even today we cannot enter God's rest of soul if we choose to worry and complain instead of trust and rest.

Landscape ArtIf we are depending upon our own goodness to earn our way to heaven, we will not enter into the rest of salvation.

Trust in Jesus only as your righteousness instead of in yourself.  The Bible plainly declares that we've all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags.

Landscape ArtTrust in Jesus and cover yourself with His righteousness so that you will be able to stand before a Holy God someday and be allowed into heaven.


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