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Autumn Garden

Autumn Garden

One morning before taking my grandchildren to school, I pointed out to them a magnificent bouquet of roses in my prized lead crystal vase. I asked if they could find a lesson in it.

Right away my grandson, Joey, spoke up. "If God can put such beautiful clothes on flowers, He can meet our needs too."

We also examined the lovely designs carved on the vase. I asked Joey, "If the vase could talk, what do you think it would say when the glass carver cut on it?

"Ouch!" he replied.

The Master Designer uses painful experiences to cut on us, but He plans to make beautiful designs out of our lives.

I asked my granddaughter, Sarah, how long will this cutting go on in our lives?

"Our whole life," she answered.

How wonderful it is to know that the painful experiences Christians go through are God's working on us -- making us into vessels of beauty to be displayed eternally!




Crystal Vase

A crystal vase shimmers on the table,
   Red roses shoot flashes of crimson and green
through transparent glass.
   As some unseen craftsman had incised deep
but lovely designs in the vase,
   so God cuts skillfully into our lives,
carving designs of His own choosing --
   not to cause us grief,
but for everlasting beauty,
   to create vessels for royal use.


Autumn Shore

Autumn Shore


 True Wealth

I feel I'm rich,
though not in money,
For I have time to gaze with wonder
at the passing scene and
listen to its sounds.

Those who rush miss so much . . .
the texture of leaves
that rustle in the wind,
the chirping of crickets 
and buzz of hummingbird wings.

Slow down.
Take time to live!



Stream by The Lake

Stream by The Lake


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