landscape art

Desert Watercolor Paintings



C hoices parade continually before me.
   do I choose to be a dried-up bush
or an evergreen tree?
   Do I prefer to trust in man,
Seeking sustenance from a wasteland?
   or shall my roots sink deep within a stream,
God's provision of His Spirit that He planned?
   The choice is mine to make each hour.
Remind me Lord that earth is but a passing dream
   In light of Your eternal power.

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Mohave Sky   

Mojave Desert Splendor





Shadow of A Mighty Rock





Pueblo Sunset




Calico Ghost Town




Old Barn


See the colors dancing at your feet!
   Wildflowers decorate the surface of the earth
Where they meet,
   In rainbow patches and brilliant bands.
A grand tapestry displayed by unseen hands.


Thirsty Land

Thirsty land stretches out as far 
as the eye can see,
But it has its own special beauty for me.
The desert shall blossom like a rose
with flowers dressed 
in luminous clothes.


The Desert

I feel the gentle rain from above,
falling on my troubled soul.
Latter rain -- the Holy Spirit's abiding love,
He falls on parched desert land
and lo, there blooms a rose.

So too my soul is often hard as flint,
but Thy gentle rain softens the parched earth.
By Thy loving hand the ground is broken up
and then You plant a garden in my heart.

Thirsty Lives

Thirsty lives stretch out as far as the eye can see,
   longing for something to meet their needs.
sensing a barrenness,
    Feeling there must be more to satisfy their souls,
Filling their lives with that which never satisfies.

Jesus said, "He who is thirsty,
   let him come unto me and drink.
He who believes in me shall never thirst.
   But will have rivers of living water
flowing out of his inner being."

If you are thirsty, come to Jesus, my friend.
   And you too will never thirst again!
Your desert will blossom like a rose!
   The living waters are here since Christ arose!
Your life will become a grand tapestry
   displayed by unseen hands!


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