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Painting A Series 

Autumn Reflections


I've sold almost two hundred paintings online. It's a great place to sell art and to buy it as well! 


Birch Dance


I found that people enjoyed it when I painted a number of paintings with the same theme.

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Most of these paintings are huge -- in fact, many in this series are three feet by five feet. On a wall they make a dramatic statement.


 The Greatest Painter

A solitary traveler trudges wearily across the barren desert
  pursuing a shining dream,
Though sharp nettles and the burning heat have wounded him,
He still presses toward his goal ahead, which seems to gleam.
  His days are filled with pain and sorrow.
His brow is creased by the broiling sun's glare.
  The journey begun with such promise
became one with trouble and setbacks to bear . . .
  like the sharp stabbing of cactus quills in tender flesh
as he has traveled down the road of life.

The one bright beacon he has pursued so long
  has held his heart captive throughout the bitter strife
The illusive goal of capturing beauty with his paint brush --
  Not just once, but again and again!
And to climb the heights of artistic expression
  to stand with the greatest of men!
Discovering the joys still awaiting of color and contrast and light.
  A glistening mirage -- just over the next hill
Just around the next bend.
  The artist's ultimate thrill
The oasis of a painter's delight
  the garden of a craftsman's desire.

But the seconds are passing.
  The spent minutes and hours expire
Forever gone, never to be reclaimed.
  The clock will someday stop ticking
and the road will come to an end.
  But then, what then?
For life is fleeting.

The greatest Artist has shown us His love
  Spilled out His life's blood on Calvary's Tree!
Died, was buried, but that wasn't the end!
  Three days later from death's clutches He was free!
Forever alive! Risen from the dead!
  It was for lost sinners Christ died and rose again!
He wants you to know!
  Jesus drunk of the bitter cup of woe
That you might have life everlasting
  That you might experience the greatest love!
Greater love has no man than this --
  That Christ died for us that we might live above!


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