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Thank You, dear Lord, that Jesus, my Savior
died on the tree
   to save and cleanse and make a new me,
Thank you for your precious Word.
   Because of it of Your love I've heard.

Thank you for health and strength and daily bread,
   And that the future no longer holds dread
because of Your death and resurrection,
   which has brought us salvation.

Thank you for eyes to see the beauty of your creation:
   forests, lakes, moon, stars and sun,
creatures both great and small
   whispering pines so majestic and tall.

Thank you for flowers of every shape and hue
   exquisitely designed by You.
and wondrous birds that know their way across the world,
using as guides your starry skies unfurled.

They know their Maker's care
   as does each bear, fox and lion in its lair.
Thank you for the privilege of viewing your wonders.
   Even the chanaging of each season as it occurs.

Spring, summer, fall and winter--
   each has its special loveliness
and thank You for each hour of blessedness
   thanks for deserts that bloom like a rose
with flowers dressed in luminous clothes.

For each day and hour I thank Thee, Lord.
  Truly You are worthy of being adored.




Autumn Reflections




Autumn Song




Wilderness Reflections

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